ABOUT Knatural

The Founder

Kadejha Morgan started Knatural in 2017, as being a Caribbean woman and a consumer of hair extensions, she empathised with the struggle to find hair extensions suitable for a natural Afro hair texture.

She felt that current hair vendors supplied silky textures that encouraged women to damage their hair through excessive straightening, whilst subconsciously portraying the message that Afro hair is inferior – actively discouraging women from embracing the textures that they were born with.

Kadejha feels that "most women love having the option to switch up their hairstyle and the lack of specialisation for Afro textures, despite black women being the biggest consumers of hair extensions and products, is disappointing." This inspired her to create Knatural.


Knatural provide high quality textured human hair extensions, designed to suit the needs of women of Afro descent and mixed-heritage aiming to enhance and embrace their natural hair texture.

We aspire to create and nurture confidence within our customers by providing enhancement options that are designed for and blends seamlessly with the varying textures of Afro hair.

Our quality virgin extensions allow for effective and (optional) heat-free protective styling, enabling healthier growth, length retention and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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